Triple Split Tail Grubs – 100pk


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2″ Grub body with a split triple tail. Crappie love ’em!

Coloration of all plastics may vary slightly.

Weight 2.72 oz

Red & Chartreuse, Black & Chartreuse Glit, White & Red, Light Green & Chartreuse, Hot Pink & Chartreuse, White & Chartreuse, Blue & White, Pumpkin & Chartreuse Pepper, Chartreuse Pepper, Pearl, Orange & Chartreuse Glit, Chartreuse Glit, Blue & Chartreuse Glit, Glow, Green & Yellow (John Deere), Firetiger, Lemon Meringue, Black & Orange Glit, Popsicle, Tennessee Shad, Blue Shiner, Black & Red & Chartreuse Glit, Black & Blue & Chartreuse Glit, Pumpkin & Orange & Chart Glit

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