Kgrubb Crappie Jig – 100pk


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This 2″ crappie jig’s head is based off the popular ribbed ‘Kalin’ crappie lure.  The tail is a single tip curly tail.  100 pack.

Coloration of all plastics may vary slightly.


Tennessee Shad, Bad Blood, Blue Shiner, Smoke Blue & Gold Glit, Acid Rain, Crawdad, Red Head, Jawbreaker, Acid Rain & Junebug, Bumblebee, Wally World, Junebug & Chartreuse, Black & Blue & Chartreuse, Green & Chartreuse Glit, Lemon Meringue, Blue & Chartreuse Glit, Wildcat & Chartreuse, Sour Grape & Chartreuse, Orange Crush, Bubblegum & Chartreuse, Black & Red & Chartreuse, Orange Chartreuse Crush, Yellow Jacket, Popsicle, Firetiger, Halloween, Kentucky Lake Killer, Mistake, Double Trouble, Black & Chartreuse Glit, Weiss Lake Killer, Red Shiner, Fire & Ice & Chartreuse Glit, Tennessee Shad & Chartreuse Glit, Electric Chicken, Watermelon Sunset, White Lightening, Black & Chartreuse, Blue & White & Chartreuse Red Glit

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